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About us



Henrik Olsen


27 years of experience within the medical device industry with 19 years of experience in company or divisional management teams.

Previous assignments include CEO of Vigmed AB (publ), various positions at Coloplast A/S including Vice President positions within business development, marketing and sales, and Product Manager at Boston Scientific.

Sold Vigmed AB (publ) to an Austrian conglomerate.


Managed 60+ countries as VP of Sales in emerging markets at Coloplast.


Troels Johansen


Biomedical engineer and PhD specialized in the bioengineering and physiology of CO2 and oxygen.


Invented Rehaler’s technological concept and directed the further technical, clinical and scientific development.

During his Ph.D. at Aarhus University Hospital and Harvard Medical School he developed the world’s first method for 3D imaging of pulmonary gas transfer.

Previously served as Senior Teaching Fellow at the Biomedical Design Novo Nordisk innovation and entrepreneurship program.


Carit Jacques Andersen


Carit Jacques Andersen (cand. merc.) has more than 20 years of experience with financing and controls in the life science industry.

Previous assignments include CFO of Scandion Oncology A/S, CFO of 2cureX A/S and Consulting CFO for CytoVac A/S and Serendex A/S.


Managing Director of Decisionconsult A/S, a consultancy company focusing on management and management accounting.


Chairman of the Board of Directors at Scantron A/S and Eden Fells A/S.

Board of Directors


Thomas Feldthus


Thomas Feldthus (M.Sc., MBA) is an experienced life science entrepreneur and executive.

Co-founder of Scandion Oncology A/S, Initiator Pharma A/S, Symphogen A/S, Saniona AB, Ataxion Inc and Leukotech A/S.


Bjørn Sperling (MD)

Highly experienced neurologist and clinical research leader.

VP Clinical Development, Head of Migraine & Pain Department, at Lundbeck A/S.


Helene Quie (M.Sc.)

Founder and CEO of Qmed Consulting A/S, a medtech CRO. 
25+ years of experience within clinical and regulatory affairs, with focus on medtech.


Martin Møller (Mag.Art.) 

Previously Senior Partner in McKinsey & Company.
20 years’ experience as strategy consultant within pharma and medtech.

Mette Gross_1_sv_300x400_1_edited.jpg

Mette Gross (M.Sc.Econ.) 

Experienced medtech CFO and chairwoman. 
Current and previous assignments: Qlife, Iconovo AB, Vigmed, Coloplast, and others.


Eivind Johansen (M.Sc.Eng.)

Expert engineer (electronics, sensors and mechanics). 
Co-founder and CTO of Giga A/S (acquired by Intel for 1.3B USD).
Co-founder of Rehaler.

Medical Advisory Board


Jean Schoenen
Professor, MD

Past President of the International Headache Society and the European Headache Federation.
Founder and Co-Director of the Headache Research Unit at Liège University, Belgium.


Stewart J. Tepper
Professor, MD

Director of the Dartmouth Headache Clinic (USA) 
Board member, American Headache Society.
Editor-in-Chief of the journal Headache Currents and Associate Editor for the journal Headache.


Dagny Holle-Lee
Professor, MD

Director of the West German Headache Center in Essen – a renowned center of excellence in headache treatment and research.
Author of more than 100 scientific articles as well as several scientific and popular science books.


Robert P. Cowan
Professor, MD

Director of Stanford University’s Headache Research Program (USA).

Founder of Keeler Center for the Study of Headache.

Pioneer in application of digital algorithms and machine learning to headache diagnostics.


Stefan Evers
Professor, MD

Professor of Neurology, University of Münster (Germany).
Past Honorary General Secretary of the International Headache Society.
Past President of the German Migraine and Headache Society.

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