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Rehaler closes financing round and strengthens Board of Directors

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

  • Financing round of 6.1 MDKK

  • Proceeds will be used to prepare for a clinical registration study in patients with migraine with aura

  • Four new members with significant experience from the medical technology industry elected to the Board of Directors

Rehaler, a private medical technology company focusing on an innovative treatment solution for migraine with aura, today announced the successful closing of a finance round totaling 6.1 MDKK and the appointment of Mette Gross, Martin Møller, Helene Quie and Martin Waleij to its Board of Directors.

“We are very pleased with having received the confidence of several knowledgeable and experienced Scandinavian private investors. This financing will be used to mature the company and prepare for a pivotal clinical registration study for our novel device which represents a new treatment option for patients with migraine with aura. The objective is to obtain registration in the U.S. and create data supporting the commercialization of the device in both the U.S. and EU within a few years,” says Troels Johansen (M.Sc.Eng.,Ph.D.), Chief Executive Officer.

“In addition, we are proud to welcome four new members to the Board of Directors” added Thomas Feldthus (M.Sc.,MBA), chairman of the board. “We will be drawing on Mette Gross’ experience with the development and public listing of medical technology companies, and on Helene Quie’s competencies within regulatory affairs and clinical development. Martin Møller will contribute his expertise in strategy, transformations and business development, and Martin Waleij will bring highly valuable experience within management, development, and commercialization of medical technology companies. These competencies will be important as the company transform from a development-stage medical technology company to a successful commercial-stage company.”

Mrs. Helene Quie (M.Sc.) has more than 25 years of experience within clinical and regulatory affairs including device development, quality management, project management and clinical trial execution. She is the founder and CEO of Qmed Consulting, a successful private consultancy company providing services within medical device development and clinical trials.

“Rehaler has developed a novel medical device which is ready for a clinical registration study for migraine with aura. It represents a first-in-class drug free therapy. There is proof of concept from a small double-blind study, which is further supported by promising feedback from patients who have used it in a pre-marketing campaign in Europe. Together with a proficient CRO we will conduct a gold-standard multi-centre study to validate these promising findings, with the objective of obtaining market approval in the U.S. and support commercialization of the product worldwide”, says Helene Quie.

Mr. Martin Møller (Mag.Art.) comes to Rehaler from a position as Senior Partner in McKinsey & Company, having spent more than 20 years advising leading international companies in the pharma and medical technology industry, focusing on strategy, transformations and business development. Martin also serves on the board of Immunovia AB and Scandion Oncology A/S.

“The company may within a few years launch the Rehaler device in the first indication, which represents a very large market with a large number of patients in the U.S. and Europe. We are currently undertaking a detailed analysis of the market and identifying the optimal commercial strategy and partners, to build the company and harvest the full potential of this unique commercial opportunity”, says Martin Møller.

Mrs. Mette Gross (M.Sc.Econ.) has 25 years of experience from small and large companies as CFO, including developing and listing four medical technology companies. She is the Chairman of the Board of the medical technology company Qlife and serves on the boards of Anatomic Studios AB, Crisp Capital and Queen Invest AB.

“Rehaler’s technology and mechanisms of action offer significant medical and commercial opportunities within the headache field and in a number of other neurological disorders. The combination of a late-stage asset within the migraine field and a platform which may be utilized in other indications provides the opportunity to create significant value and develop a highly successful medical technology company, says Mette Gross.

Mr. Martin Waleij (M.Sc.) has significant experience with the management, development and commercialization of medical technology companies. He is currently CEO of BrainCool AB, a successful public Swedish medical device company that develops, markets, and sells leading medical cooling systems. He currently serves on the boards of BrainCool AB, CoolPrevent AB, IQool Technologies AB, and Bio Medical Lund AB.

“The patented CO2 modulation concept of the Rehaler device is supported by good clinical feasibility data. Rehaler has its own production line which means that we are ready to commercialize the product following the completion of the clinical trial that will enable market clearance in the US. I am delighted to join the Board and look forward to working with Troels and my fellow board members to build a successful medical technology company”, says Martin Waleij.

For more information, please contact

Troels Johansen, CEO, Rehaler. Cell: +45 40 97 73 13. Email:

About Rehaler

Rehaler is a private medical technology company developing and commercializing novel treatments based on modulation of CO2 and oxygen in the central nervous system. Rehaler has obtained proof-of-concept for its first product, the Rehaler device for treatment of migraine with aura. Rehaler is currently preparing a pivotal clinical registration study, which will be initiated in 2022 with the aim of obtaining market approval in the U.S. and support commercialization in the U.S. and Europe. The company’s technology platform has applications in several other neurological disorders which will be investigated alongside the registration study. Read more at

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