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The Rehaler treatment

The Rehaler medical device is a drug-free inhaler based on accurately adjusted partial rebreathing. It is used for the duration of the aura phase at the start of the migraine attack, alleviating the attack or stopping it completely.

The treatment's effect and safety have been shown in a succesful randomized, controlled pilot study and we are currently conducting a large scale clinical trial that will pave the way for FDA approval and global launch of the Rehaler treatment.

Rehaler device

  • Precisely adjusts the levels of CO2 and oxygen in the inspired air to a steady state level appropriate for the individual patient

  • Safe and effective

  • Small, lightweight, disposable

Inhalator sammenpakket.png

Control Unit

  • Custom pulse oximeter onboards the patient and provides peace of mind

  • Placed on the finger during treatment, it measures oxygen levels in the blood

  • Can connect and send data to the treatment app via Bluetooth

Treatment App

  • Onboards patients via interactive video tutorials

  • Helps the user configure and use Rehaler during attacks

  • Sets up treatment plan and provides personalized treatment optimization

  • Gives access to refill purchasing, support, attack history, etc.

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